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Germany To Clear 50,000 Gay Men Convicted Under Nazi-Era Law

When the Nazi party came to power in Germany there was already a law on the books that criminalized homosexuality, although it was rarely enforced. Obviously, the Nazis were keen to ramp up enforcement of any law that persecuted pretty much anyone, so Article 175 was ramped up big time.

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Cop Watched Child Porn On The Job, Charged Overtime

When someone is found with child pornography by the police, the porn is evidence of a crime. Just like a hair sample or a blood stained carpet, it is meticulously cataloged and put into a safe place monitored by the appropriate officers. The hopes of this, of course, is to

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Amateur Butt Injections Kill Woman, Murder Charges Follow

When you want to get surgery of any kind, you go to a doctor, right? You don't want just any random yahoo cutting you open and doing things with your insides, right? You would only trust a licensed medical professional in good standing with their peers and the law with

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My Friend Is Into Vore And It Freaks Me Out

Reader’s Question I found out that my friend is into vore, which is a fetish of someone getting swallowed or eaten alive and it really shocked me and scared me. I was in a fetish Facebook chatroom and one day he just said he imagined he had a vore

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Shit-Eating Mugshot Grin On Teacher Who Banged Student

Getting arrested is probably pretty scary. I've never been arrested before so I can't speak from experience, but I can only assume that it's a pretty harrowing experience. Am I going to go into a cell? Will someone bail me out? How much is this going to cost me in

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Iran Leader: Gender Equality Will Destroy Human Society

Societies across the globe really hate women. Laws are made to keep women subjugated, business have rules that prevent women from progressing in the work place, and societal norms weigh heavy on young girls so that they grow up into thinking they simply didn't have a choice. But of all

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