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I told you how Eloise went on a sex toy shopping spree the other day and that she bought a Liberator, a Pure Wand, and some other stuff. One of the things she bought that I didn’t tell you about was a penis-shaped mouth gag. Some girls are really into being gagged during sex and Eloise is one of those girls, but rather than get a boring old ball gag that everyone owns (seriously, you all own one, right?) she got this one that’s shaped like the head of a dick, so it goes in her mouth and she can be gagged WITH COCK. Or at least with a fake cock, obviously a real dismembered penis strapped onto her head would be really gross:

Can also be used as a butt plug!

Can also be used as a butt plug!

I’m pretty sure that the target demographic for this particular sex toy is the gay male crowd, but whatever. If it works it works, right? As of right now we have tried out all the new toys and they are all awesome. Eloise loves the Liberator because it gives her back a rest, she loves the mouth gag because it makes her feel like a dirty whore, and she loves the Pure Wand because it gives her crazy intense orgasms on the regular. I highly recommend all of these products.

I had lunch yesterday with Naomi. She has met a new guy and she’s not too sure what’s going on with him so we ate and chatted and I gave her advice on what I think she should do. I won’t go into it right now because things are still fresh, but I’ll keep you posted on how things develop on that front. Later on I met up with Eloise and we had a lot of sex and watched Cosmos. I think Cosmos is my favorite thing that has ever happened to television, so I’m excited to be re-watching it again and sharing it with Eloise. It’s really great, if you like science or have a modicum of intelligence then check out Cosmos and your mind will be blown.

Tomorrow Eloise has to go in for a scheduled medical procedure that’s going to make it so we can’t have sex together for about a week. It’s gonna be tough! Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t go fucking crazy.

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  • For the record, I didn’t read a single thing authored by a dude before purchasing said awesome gag, so I don’t know what you’re calling gay, buddy – it was all ladies and all rave reviews. Not surprisingly, I speculated on its ATM-potential all by my lonesome…

    • Something it said on the packaging was totally gay sounding. I forget what it was but that’s what I was basing my assumption on.

  • Bobby

    Oi its not only for girls, i personally love it

    • Ha! I win! In your FACE, Eloise!

      • I think we ALL win, Scott. Both girls AND boys love it… The more the merrier.