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Mother Accused Of Sex Trafficking Her 3-Year-Old Daughter

The love of your mother is supposed to be eternal. You came into this world as a direct result of her carrying you, developing you, feeding you, nurturing you...you and your mother are connected on such a significant and deep level that it's likely no other bond could even compare.

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Law That Said Diaper-Changing Is Molestation Deemed Unconstitutional

Back in September I posted a Newswire about an Arizona law that would, essentially, make it illegal for parents to change the diapers of their own children in the privacy of their own home. The law was designed to help combat pedophiles but, in the usual way that anti-pedophile laws

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Woman Raped In Hospital, Can’t Sue State For Damages

Sometimes people fall down on public property. If they can prove that the reason they fell down is because of some sort of issue with the public property, they might be able to sue the state for damages. It's how many people have made fortunes on what is colloquially referred

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Perpetually Pregnant Woman Killed Six Of Her Newborns

Some people try for years to have children. They take supplements, do exercises, and obviously fuck all the time. They do everything they possibly can to get a sperm...just one!...to successfully fertilize an egg. But sometimes it just doesn't happen for people. And then, sometimes, you end up like Andrea

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Another Scout Leader Is A Pedophile…Yawn

The Boy Scouts Of America, as an organization, doesn’t like gay people. They don’t like atheists at all, either. They’ve also had some serious troubles with trans individuals. Basically, anyone who isn’t a white, Christian, American-born citizen is the devil, as far as they’re concerned. Sure, they’ve made some strides

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Martial Arts Instructor Repeatedly Raped Young Student

Many of these Newswire articles end up being about rape, which is shitty. I wish I never had to write another rape Newswire because it's just depressing. But most of the articles don't go too far into things; it's usually just "this guy raped this girl" and then there's some

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