My Face Hurts. Also, New Roku.

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My face hurts. Not my whole face, just the right side of my face. I have pretty bad allergies and Eloise uses this nasal spray to help offset hers, and she suggested I do the same. Everything was going fine but yesterday my face just really hurt a lot. I know it has to do with using the spray because when I do that thing you do when you’re about to hock a loogie (sp?) the parts of my face that hurt swell up and hurt even more. So yeah, it’s gotta be at least somewhat related. Anyway, when I got home after work my face hurt and I was all bleh, so Eloise and I just ate pizza and got in bed.

I did get pretty excited when I saw our new Roku came in. We have an older Roku and love it…we use it every day, no question. But the newest Roku is all kinds of fast and has some updated UI stuff and is just all-around bad ass. Here’s me all excited about it:

It's as awesome as we could have ever imagined.

It’s as awesome as we could have ever imagined.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your Roku or if you don’t already own a Roku I highly suggest you pick that shit up. It’s the bidness.

After our pizza we got in bed and watched Groundhog Day and went to sleep. I know that this blog isn’t very exciting but hey, I talk about my face, a Roku, and Bill Murray, so it can’t be that bad. Tomorrow’s blog will be more interesting because my face won’t hurt anymore, hopefully. Ugh. My face hurts.

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