Man Rapes And Murders Girl, Her Mother Helps Him

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Earlier this morning I had some good news to share about the pope being A-OK with women breastfeeding during church services. It was the kind of story that makes you smile and think that the world isn’t the horrible fucked-up place you feel it in your heart to be. I found myself overwhelmed with a pleasant and relaxing feeling while writing it. Ahhhh…

Well, time to pop that fucking bubble and talk about the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl at the hands of the people she trusted the most.

Jacob Sullivan, pictured, was arrested by Pennsylvania police on Saturday after evidence pointed to his involvement in the rape and subsequent murder of 14-year-old Grace Packer. Sara Packer, the poor girl’s mother, was arrested as well for her involvement in the murder.

The story is really long and involves polyamory, Daddy/daughter kink play, fraud, kitty litter, dismemberment, and suicide pacts. It is not the story you want to read if you don’t have the stomach, but if you do…it’s a doozy.

The Cliff’s notes version is that Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer were involved in a poly relationship with another woman. The other woman noticed that things were strange with Jacob and Sara so she called the police. The police showed up to Jacob’s home and found him OD’ing on pills with a suicide note at hand. They then went to Sara’s house and found her in a similar state. When they came to at the hospital, Jacob admitted to raping Grace in front of Sara and then the two of them killing her. They left her dead body in the attic for months before dismembering and disposing of the body.

Two fucked up people doing fucked up shit, but I’m sure there are already articles being drafted with headlines like, “Polyamorous People Murder Child” or “Non-Monogamous Couple Rape Own Daughter”. Because being in a non-monogamous relationship is what the core of this story is all about, right? Fucking wankers.

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