How To Clean Cum Stains

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I have to admit, I feel kind of weird about female ejaculation now. Ever since I made the video where I show people how to make female ejaculation happen I’ve gotten to be kind of known as the “female ejaculation guy”. I need to make a new video so I’m known as “that helpful sex video guy” instead, but since raising the funds to make it didn’t go so well that may take a little longer than planned. Anyway, whenever I’ve had sex with a new girl since the ejaculation video came out I always feel a ping of weirdness. If I make her ejaculate is that really kind of predictable? Maybe I should avoid it so they don’t think I’m just a one-trick pony. But then-again, maybe they’re looking forward to it. Maybe if I don’t do it they’ll be disappointed! I never really know where to go, so I err on the side of caution and just don’t do it. That way if they did want it, it’s now something to wait for. I don’t know, that’s my logic behind it anyway.

So last nite, Eloise sort of ejaculated on me. This was when we had sex at nite, not when we had sex in the morning, because that happened too. But at nite she was riding on top and sort of ejaculated a little bit on me, which is super hot. But I was like, “Well, I should make that happen for real!” and made her ejaculate all over the bed and floor. Now I very rarely make Eloise ejaculate. She’s not really into the whole thing. She doesn’t hate it by any means, but she would never request it. But it just seemed like the appropriate move, so that’s what I did.

So now we have all this female ejaculate all over the floor and bed. Does anyone know how to clean cum stains efficiently? Well, friends, here’s the answer:

This'll do the trick!

This’ll do the trick!

Yes, you’re seeing that right: it’s a bottle of cat piss cleaner. The whole point of a formula like this that cleans up pet stains is to break down the organic material and let you lift the stain out of whatever it’s on. Whether it comes out of your pet or your own body, it’ll do what it needs to do! So if you’re looking for something to get out that cum stain, this is what you want.

Thus ends my sales pitch. I wish I got commission on this shit.

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