Goodbyes, Relationship Confusion, And Gangsta Signs

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Last week’s Quickie was all about me doing nothing, and this week’s Quickie is going to be full of me doing, thinking, and feeling a lot…possibly even too much. But hey, that’s life, isn’t it? One day you’re sitting on your couch in the dark, amidst a pile of empty Pop-Tarts wrappers, watching Anal Whores In Heat 17 while masturbating…and the next day you’re at work making money and trying to have some semblance of a normal life. That’s part of being a person in this crazy world we live in: being able to go back and forth from one to the other.

So let’s start with the goodbyes first. A friend of mine moved away this past week. She didn’t move far so I’ll still be able to see her pretty easily, but it still sucks when someone you could easily see every day if you want to all of a sudden isn’t available for that anymore. She’s got some big and exciting things going on for her, so her moving away is definitely a celebratory event, but I will miss having her around. I’m already looking forward to my visit to her new place!

I had dinner with this friend over the weekend and we had lava cake for dessert. What the fuck is lava cake? Like…what mad genius was like, “I’m going to make a cake that shoots out delicious chocolate jizz as soon as you try to eat it.” It’s like a gift from god. I am prepared to make lava cake the only thing I eat for the rest of my life.

So that was the unfortunate goodbye. There was also some relationship confusion this past week between me and Ada. I’ve been seeing Ada regularly for the past 6 months, and things have been going great, but I had this sinking feeling that she wasn’t that into me. There were some little things here and there that were making me nervous that I was putting some weight into our relationship that she was not returning. This can be a delicate thing when you’re in open relationships like we are, because you don’t know what’s appropriate to bring up and what’s just going to make things messy. For example, it’s silly to bring up every single instance of jealousy that one person may have in an open relationship. If you did that, it would just get tedious for everyone. So, if that is true, then what jealousies should you DEFINITELY bring up? How can you tell what feelings you’re having are worth making a fuss over and which ones you can just set aside and figure out naturally as time goes on? There’s no safe answer to this question, you just kind of have to wing it.

Anyway, I was having thoughts about how maybe Ada wasn’t as into me as I would like and decided to bring it up with her. It was an awkward conversation and all but it was worth it, because now I know I was wrong. Ada likes me a whole bunch, which is terrific. So let that be a lesson to you…try not to let things fester! But also don’t be one of those people where every insecurity results in a drama fest.

Finally, let’s talk about gangsta signs. I threw down some gangsta signs while I was out on a first date with a new lady. I don’t really know what I was thinking, but there were all these dollar bills on the walls and ceiling of the bar we were in, and I figured it would be funny if I acted like some sort of tough guy in front of them. So that’s what I did, and my date took the picture. So I’ll close this rambling Quickie out with a shot of me looking like an idiot:

relationship confusion

That’s like, 27 dollars or something.

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