Eloise Sexy Naked Photoshoot

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Yesterday I got up at 3:00 in the fucking morning. Anytime I get up really early I think of The Simpsons episode where Bart gets in trouble and as a punishment Principal Skinner makes him go star-gazing with him before school. He tells him to get up at 4:00 in the morning and Bart’s response is, “There’s a 4:00 in the morning now?” That’s how I always feel when I have to get up early. “People do

this? This is a thing? When did this happen?” The reason I got up so early is because Eloise did a photoshoot all day yesterday in Boston and we had to get up early to make it to the location on time. The first location we went to was all about natural light, and when you want that kind of light the early dawn is the best you can get.

Here’s a sneak peak at a shot from the first location. I took this picture with my phone! It came out pretty good:

Pretty creepy, amirite?

Pretty creepy, amirite?

The location was this weird abandoned warehouse outside Boston. We had to sneak in there illegally but it was cool, I don’t think anyone really would have cared if they knew we were in there. Eloise got all kinds of naked and posed around in various spots throughout the warehouse. I don’t remember much because I was so tired and so cold. It was fucking freezing up in that bitch, and I had a jacket and gloves on. Poor Eloise was like, turning blue.

After that we went to the photographer’s studio in Boston proper to get some more porn-y shots done. They were classy and well-thought-out and all, but it was pretty much Eloise being all sexed-up sexpot lady. At least the studio wasn’t freezing cold. I got us some lunch at a Mediterranean place and did a lot of work for Sexpressed while the photographer took pictures of Eloise bending over and showing off her pussy. You know, things that normal couples do.

So what’s the point of these photoshoots, you’re asking? Can’t tell you, yet. It’s Eloise’s thing so I’ll wait until she talks about it on her tumblr before I bring it up here. It’s exciting though, you’re all gonna flip the fuck out!

When we got home we snuggled up in bed and I had sex with her asshole. Straight to the butt, no vagina sex until I was done using her butthole for what I wanted to use it for. Because you see, Eloise’s body belongs to me and I do what I want with it when I want to, and last nite I wanted to put my dick in her ass, so I did. I highly suggest you all get the same arrangement going with your significant others, it’s a cool thing to do.

I’ll have more pics to show you tomorrow!

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