Cum All Over Eloise

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I wonder how many people are actually going to read what I write here? The title of this post is “Cum All Over Eloise” and the featured image clearly shows her butt with cum all over it. Will people just click open the article, scroll down to the pic, look at it, and not read any of this content? I mean, I know when there’s cum all over Eloise in a photo it’s hard to stop yourself from just opening the pic and jerking off to it, but I spent the time to write all this stuff out so the least you can do is appreciate it! Aw, the hell with it, here’s a pic of my cum all over Eloise after I fucked her:

cum all over Eloise

Look at her cute little butt plug!

In case you can’t read it, her butt plug says “Spank Me”…it was a Christmas gift, I posted a pic of it on my Twitter page. If you want to see more of Eloise, you can always visit her site where she has all sorts of pics and videos of her getting fucked, fucking herself, getting naked, eating things, sucking things, punching tigers in the throat…ok, maybe that last one was a lie but the rest of it is all available at, so pay her a visit!

That pic was taken after one of the times Eloise and I had sex over the weekend. You see, we’ve been so busy preparing for launch that every weekend has been packed from beginning to end with work, work, and more work. But now that it’s launched our workload has gone down a bit, so we can actually spend time fucking again! Not that we weren’t fucking at all, of course we were, but we weren’t fucking nearly as much as we should. I’ll try to remember to take more pics of Eloise post coitus…remind me you guys, if you can.

Eloise and I also watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park because we love dinosaurs and Eloise has never seen it before. It really is a lame sequel, I was reminded after watching it how just bleh it is. The third one is way better, I’m looking forward to watching that one. This is all of course in preparation for Jurassic World which comes out pretty soon. Woo! Dinosaurs! OK, I gotta go, I’ll have cool things to tell you about in the next Quickie though. Bye!

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  • Brian

    The pastel fingernails really bring out the festive spirit of Easter. Plus that big load hanging on her pubes is somewhat … Easter-y too … ?

    • That’s good because that was definitely my intention. Totally. Seriously. Yep.

    • Eloise

      Omg, thank you for noticing my festive manicure! I’m getting ready to shoot a “Spring” photo set for GodsGirls and my choice in nail polish was intentional for that reason. I think the set is gonna be totally awesome (there’ll be Easter-inspired lingerie and cupcakes and frosting and a big glass of milk) so hopefully you’ll love it too! 🐣

      • Brian

        I’m sure that I’ll enjoy the Easter shoot too! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be paying total attention to your fingernails though. There’s plenty for the eyes to enjoy whenever a picture is snapped of you. 😉 (That was my awkward attempt at flirtatious)

        • Eloise

          Not awkward, just right. You’re a natural! 😉