Bella Has A Butt And I’m Really Funny

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Everyone likes a good butt picture, right? Boobs and butts: people the world over dig ’em and dig looking at ’em. I love looking at butts so that’s not that interesting, but what is interesting to me is people who like showing off their butts. No one wants to see my butt because I’m a dude…even a lot of gay men don’t like looking at male butts. So when someone is like, “My butt is awesome, I’m gonna show the world!” I’m intrigued because I don’t have any idea what that drive is like. I’m glad that drive exists though, and I’m certainly glad that Bella is into showing off her butt, because her butt is awesome and deserves to be shown off. Like so:

Bella Butt

Bella’s butt is really nice and I like it when she shows it to me.

If my butt looked like Bella’s butt I’m sure I would be showing it off a lot.

Before I get into how I’m a really funny guy and have hilarious text conversations with my friends, I want to talk about Eloise and her butt. Also her boobs, pussy, face, and all the rest, but you know me and butts: I just can’t stop it with the butts. Eloise is in the running to become a SuicideGirl and so far her campaign is doing really well. If you want to support her you can check out her profile here (NOTE: Eloise has since ended her association with Suicide Girls). She also is going to be in the running to become a GodsGirl, which has a similar vibe to Suicide Girls but is way cooler and treats their models more fairly. But I digress…the point is that there’s a lot of pictures of Eloise on the internet where she has no clothes on and you should check them out and support her, either through those aforementioned sites or at her very own site that we built with our blood, sweat, and tears.

Ok, now let me get to why I’m really funny. My friend Tori and I are big fans of this Australian rock outfit called Silverchair. Like…we’re really big fans. You might remember that they had a hit single called “Tomorrow” back in the mid-90’s when they were only 15/16 years old. The album that song came out on is called Frogstomp and it was released 20 years ago this year, which makes me feel terribly old and awful. Anyway, Tori sent me a text message of some celebratory cupcakes she made, which is adorable and very 14-year-old girl-ish:

Silverchair Cupcakes

Cupcakes? More like FROGcakes, amirite?

Here’s screenshots of my conversation with Tori that proves that I’m a really funny guy:

So that settles it: I’m a really funny guy and it can’t be argued. If you’re scratching your head because you don’t understand any of this: whatever, you clearly don’t know enough about Silverchair and should get on that, bub.

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