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Pastor Ties Teen Up, Rapes Her, Praises Jesus

Honestly, are we even surprised anymore when a religious cleric is exposed as being a child rapist? Or owning bestiality porn? Or stealing church money? Or doing any number of horrible, immoral, and illegal things while simultaneously preaching about Jesus? I certainly am not surprised anymore. So today's story will be incredibly not surprising. A

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VIDEO POST: I’ve Never Had A Man Cum Inside Me A young female reader is on birth control and is excited to stop using condoms with her boyfriend. But she needs to know, "What happens when I let my boyfriend cum inside me?" It's a simple but important question! Ask A Question Sexpress Yourself Video Posts are released every

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Incredibly Sexist Billboard Pops Up In North Carolina

Anyone can get a billboard put up. It's not even as expensive as you think it might be. With some rudimentary graphic design skills, you could design the billboard for free in a matter of minutes, and only a week or two later your billboard is up for the world to see. It's a wonder

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Bill Letting Adoption Agencies Reject Gay Couples Makes Progress

Believe it or not, same-sex couples adopting children has only been legal in all 50 states since June 26, 2015. Before then, there were still states where it was actually illegal for a gay couple, no matter how educated, affluent, or dedicated, to adopt a child. Well, this is the administration obsessed with turning back

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