Linda Kozlowski Has An Ass To Die For

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I’m spending some time today with good friends of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while, which is nice because they are a super cute couple and I miss them. They are getting married this year which I wouldn’t really condone to anyone because it gets the government all up in your business but they are so awesome together that it makes sense enough for my seal of approval. Not that they asked for it, but whatever. No sex for me tonite though which is always a mood killer any day of the week, but I have four days of ladies coming up so I can’t really complain. Last nite I watched “Crocodile” Dundee for some reason and I wanted to do Linda Kozlowski so hard. I totally forgot how hot she is in that movie. Well, 80’s hot anyway. Go Paul Hogan, you’re the MAN. Check out this pic if you don’t believe me:

linda kozlowski

Just look at its beauty.

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