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Scott Brown
Scott Brown

Sexpressed is a place where you can read, watch, and talk about sex without feeling weird about it. The site was created by a guy named Scott. He writes all the site’s content and directs and stars in all the site’s videos. The site started in late 2011 as a simple blog about Scott’s life, and has become a destination that 50,000 people visit each month.

I love Sexpressed because no question is off limits and Scott never makes you feel stupid for not knowing something.
Layla, 38
Sexpressed has shown me that everyone likes weird stuff and we’re all normal. The advice is well thought out and you get a lot of laughs out of it too. I have been reading for over a year and have learned so much, and know I’ll keep learning more.
Allison, 20
I emailed Scott with a question regarding setting up a 3 way. He got back to me within two hours and answered my questions in a direct and professional manner, just like his videos.
Kira, 42
Scott offers real advice from a real person. Not only has the site helped improve the sex life with my wife, but he’s also personally responded to me and helped me deal with a difficult question. I trust Sexpressed!
Gabe, 34
Scott is a thirtysomething guy living in a small shoreline city in Connecticut. He is polyamorous, which means he has multiple relationship partners. The site is filled with information on the sexual partners he has, the dates he goes on, and other non-sexual aspects of his life. Scott enjoys drinking tea, playing Scrabble, watching movies, listening to music, and of course sex.
One of the biggest aspects of Sexpressed are the “How To” videos, which have been viewed over 2.5 million times. These videos walk you through how to do sex stuff. Think of them as YouTube “how to” videos, but instead of how to tie a necktie or build your new IKEA bed frame, they go over how to make a girl ejaculate or get your butt ready for some anal sex.
If you have a question about your relationship, your sex life, or just sex and relationships in general, you can ask Scott your question via email. If he likes it, he will post it and publicly answer it. This Question/Answer format is called Sexpress Yourself, and there are currently well over 400 entries. Each week there are two Sexpress Yourself posts in text format, and one done in video format.
Scott’s life is a little different than most people’s. His non-monogamous relationships are pretty interesting, the dates he goes on with other girls can sometimes get wild, and he also regularly attends sex parties in New York City. The Quickies are weekly blog posts where Scott talks about all of these topics and more in a casual, diary-like style. Pictures are almost always included with each Quickie post.
Since Scott’s life has been a little more “out there” than most, he has some very unique views on sex, relationships, the sex industry, the politics of sex, etc. Scott writes newspaper-style op-ed pieces on anything sex-related he feels passionate about. Articles are longer than Quickies, but usually only take 5 minutes to read. The most popular article. “What Is Compersion?“, has been read by 25,000 people.
Want to know what’s going on in the world when it comes to sex, porn, relationships, etc.? Scott will let you know with these short and fun posts that sum up notable world events. Every post is written by Scott and is devoid of any kind of journalistic ethics.
Some people want to talk directly with Scott rather than write a Sexpress Yourself question. Anyone can talk with Scott via email, web chat, phone, or even video chat. Various rates apply for each type and length of conversation. Schedule a chat by going here.