Put Ice Cubes In My Ass

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Reader’s Question

I’m a gay man. I love your website! I’m really looking forward to seeing your How To: Prepare For Anal Sex video whenever it comes out. My question has to do with anal…I’m a bottom and am interested in cleaning out my ass before getting fucked. I read somewhere that a good and free way to clean myself out would be to put ice cubes in my ass. When the ice melts it cleans you out. Is that true? I don’t want to try it until I know it’s safe. Thanks!

-Totally Gay For You

Scott’s Reply

I always appreciate hearing from gay readers of Sexpressed. It’s good to know that eventhough I’m a primarily heterosexual guy in a heterosexual relationship that there’s stuff on this site for everyone: gay, straight, whatever. So thanks for writing in, TGFY!

While I’m pretty sure that putting ice cubes in your ass isn’t “dangerous” in theory, I am definitely sure that they won’t clean you out any more than taking a shit will. Your ass is actually pretty good at keeping itself clean as long as you take good care of it. While I wouldn’t recommend doing any form of ass-to-mouth without first doing a good enema, your general assfuck will be just fine without any excessive cleaning. And a melted ice cube is just going to slowly leak out of your ass or be absorbed by your colon so it really wouldn’t do much at all, if anything.

The idea of having something that is literally freezing cold in your colon for an extended period of time sounds uncomfortable at best, and could very well be dangerous at worst. Not to mention that if you put something that wasn’t quite ice cube-shaped – perhaps with a jagged edge or two – it could result in internal cuts and bleeding. THAT could cause some huge problems. So, while putting an ice cube in your ass isn’t dangerous in theory, it certainly isn’t helpful and has the potential for more problems than it’s worth. I wouldn’t bother, if I were you, TGFY.

The best way to get yourself cleaned out for a good ass pounding is to take a shit and do a warm distilled water enema. I’m going to go over this in detail in my video, so you can look forward to that later. In the meantime, just keep up on your regular maintenance and keep the ice cubes away from your colon 🙂

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