14 Women Sue GirlsDoPorn.com

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Back in the day, shooting a porn scene involved a lot: multiple high-quality cameras, lights, a full crew, an elaborate set, catering, a manufacturing company for the physical video to sell, a website to promote it, magazine ads, and not to mention the talent to actually screw on camera. You wouldn’t need a Hollywood budget to shoot a decent porn film, but you’d certainly need a large chunk of cash, easily in the five figures.

But as porn has become harder and harder to sell, companies are cropping up that slash out as much of the budget as possible. Now you have porn scenes being shot for only $1,000 or so that can hold their own popularity-wise next to a scene shot for $10,000.

One of the biggest names on the no-budget porn scene is GirlsDoPorn.com. This site almost never features a major porn star: the women are all brand new to shooting porn and the men are never fully shown on camera, either having been cropped out of frame or having their face blurred. The scenes are all exactly the same: a woman sits on the bed of a nice hotel suite, answers a few questions, and then has sex with an unidentifiable male star, running through the same basic positions and shots that each scene features. Their website has hundreds of videos, rarely featuring the same girl twice, and rarely do you see any of the girls in any other porn scene ever again.

Now 14 women who have shot scenes for GirlsDoPorn.com have banded together to sue the site claiming that their filming practices are unethical and illegal. They are alleging that they were lied to about what the shoot would actually entail, forced to sign contracts they couldn’t read or share with a lawyer, pushed to do things on camera they didn’t agree to originally, and sometimes even ejected from the hotel room with no place to go if the filming did not go well.

The article where this news is breaking is quite long and goes over the extended history of GirlsDoPorn.com as well as in depth with what the women in the lawsuit allege happened while working on set. It is, without a doubt, abhorrent. And I can’t say I’m surprised: I’ve always gotten a feeling of unethical practices having occurred when watching a GirlsDoPorn.com scene (of which I’ve honestly only seen a few). I encourage everyone to a) pay for your porn and b) make sure the porn you’re paying for was created ethically. You don’t want to be paying to support shitty sites like GirlsDoPorn.com who mistreat their talent and break the law without concern.

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